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Catherine Bourdon, born in Paris, came to Berlin after graduating from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris (ENSBA), where she has lived and worked ever since. The subject serves as a muse for the color . 

Material, color, and subject vie for supremacy and intertwine.


Bourdon's themes are not narrative constructions but a juxtaposition of contrasts: vivid colors and glitter alongside porcelain shards and masses of pigments applied thickly or thinly, spread or dripped.


Bourdon's art combines the spontaneous gesture of action painting with figures painted in a mannerist style and the aesthetics of spray paint stencils. Her paintings, photographic works, and ceramic objects draw inspiration from vacation photos, snapshots, images on the internet, or images from art history.


Her artistic process resembles research, where she pushes boundaries without leaving the world of art. 

 the visible traces of this process, her works appear stripped down in the end, delicate, almost fragile, or naive.


Catherine Bourdon enjoys incorporating stylistic elements and distinctive approaches from art history, with a focus on playful engagement with the deeply artificial world of art. 

For her, art is a vast playground where she can continually explore new aspects.



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